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Central America Business Seminar

Central America Business Seminar

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organized the “Central America Business Seminar” on 14 June (Wed.) in Tokyo with participation of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

In addition to the representatives visiting from the participating countries, the seminar was held in the presence of the respective ambassadors from the five countries based in Japan. Both the representatives and the ambassadors eagerly called upon the investment and technology transfer from Japan while they presented the attractive factors that each has to offer. The venue with capacity of 160 people was nearly full; showing the amount of interest coming from the Japanese companies towards the region.

“It will take a long time with dedication, continuity and follow-up”, Mr. Ferda Gelegen, Officer-in-Charge opened the seminar with an anticipation for a long-term relationship between the region and Japan for investment and technology transfer. In parallel to the qualities that the countries share as a region (i.e. young population and labor force, highly efficient logistics network, tax breaks) delivered through the video and presentations, the representatives talked about the uniqueness of their countries on the areas of focus, further development of the logistics, and the investment & technology transfer.

The Q&A session also began with immediate hands going up from the participants for specific questions including the interest for the countries and the tax breaks and the environment issues.

The participants to the seminar were not only from large-scale companies but also from the small to medium sized enterprises who are eager to cultivate a platform in delivering the technology to the developing countries. Mr. Testuya Suzuki of Maruchukenkou Co.,Ltd. being one of them says, “today’s seminar simply wowed me, as I am here today, thinking of further developing our business to foreign countries”. Mr. Suzuki who heads a company of 40 employees in the area of industrial waste logistics/processing and road-cutting construction also commented enthusiasm that “it only takes small things to pile up and create challenges. We need a structure to overcome those challenges by turning them into business opportunities. Whether in or out of Japan, that structure is the same everywhere”.

Business networking session followed the seminar, where the five representing countries set up exhibition booths to further introduce the countries through panels, crafts, and the reference materials. Tashiro Coffee Co. who imports directly from the local coffee farms also played a role during the session by serving “Central American Coffee” that has been produced from the quality coffee beans of the concerned 5 countries specially for the occasion. The networking continued in an engaging atmosphere filled with aroma of the Central America coffee.


Date/Time: Wednesday, 14 June 2017 <Seminar> 14:00 – 16:00
<Networking> 16:00 – 17:30
Venue: United Nations University, Elizabeth Rose Hall (5F)
Organizer: UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
Supporters: Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of El Salvador in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Honduras in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua in Japan
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Office in Asia
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Language: English & Japanese (Simultaneous Interpretation)



Country Presentations on Investment Climate and Business Opportunities
CINDE (Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency)
*Replaced by a video presentation at the seminar
PROESA (Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador)
Ms. Celia Maria Hernandez
Investment Promotion Specialist
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala
Ms. Carolina Barrientos Recinos
First Secretary, Directorate of International Economic Policy
FIDE (Investments and Exports)
Ms. Donna M. Micheletti
Senior Investment Promotion Officer
PRONicaragua (Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua)
Mr. Sergio Quiroz
Investment Promotion Director


Photo Gallery of Networking Session