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UNIDO ITPO Tokyo invited Mr. Sanjay Parikh, Director of Parikh Industries, Ltd. and member of the Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry from 12 to 19 June 2016.


Mr. Sanjay Parikh received a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and has had numerous managerial postings for more than 25 years. In addition, he successfully finished the SMEP (Small and Medium Enterprises Programme) at the India Institute of Management.
He is a member of the INDO-JAPAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY/ IJCCI, and supports Japanese firms to expand their businesses in India. Currently, Mr. Sanjay Parikh is partner at “The Bombay Metal Depot and Parikh Metal Corporation”, and serves as a Director at Parikh Synergies, Mihama India, and Digirid Energy Solutions. Notably, he successfully introduced a $200 million Japanese company to India. 

Mr. Parikh offers consulting services for Japanese firms which consider expanding and launching their businesses in India, or partnership opportunities to Japanese firms.

Main Activities during his visit to Japan

During his stay in Japan, Mr. Sanjay Parikh met businessmen and women from Japanese private firms who are interested in launching or expanding their business in India, as well as from relating organizations, at UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s booth at “Smart Community Japan 2016”, held from 15 June to 17 June.