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Turkish-Japanese Innovation Summit

Turkish-Japanese Innovation Summit

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo joined “Turkish-Japanese Innovation Summit”, which was held on 19 November in Istanbul, Turkey, as a panelist.

Japan and Turkey can be good partners as they are complementary to each other. The average age of Japanese society is 47 years old today and getting older, while it is 32 years old in Turkey. Turkish young generation with a good education of digital technology would be strong partners for Japanese private companies that are suffering from the shortage of young power. Geographically one is located in Asia and the other in Europe. The Turkish business style is characterized by its aggressiveness and quick decisions. On the other hand the Japanese people like good preparation for smooth implementation. The combination of the two contrasting countries might work well on the development in other emerging countries and developing countries.
There are some areas like the digital industry where the developed countries, and emerging and developing countries can collaborate on an equal footing. There also some areas where the accumulation of technology and experience is more important, such as the environmental industry or materials industry, and Turkish companies can get benefit from Japanese cases. The participants shared the concept of collaboration between two countries in the innovation of the industries.


Keynote Speech Digital Future of the Global Economy
Digital Transformation, Our Future, Opportunities and Risks
Panel-1 Synergy of the East: From Common Work Culture Approach to Innovation Partnership
Panel-2 Imagination to Implementation: How Funding Innovation Investment Becomes Reality
Keynote Speech Producing Technology in Japan as a Turk “How did I succeed?”
Panel-3 Creating the Sustainable Competitive Edge: Innovation as the Differenciation Reality
Guest Speaker Japan: Living the Culture and Doing Business with Respect
Panel-4 Innovation for SMEs: Meeting Japanese and Turkish SMEs on to Common Grounds



Date:19 November 2019
Venue:Marriot İstanbul Şişli Hotel(Istanbul, Turkey)
Organizer:AOTS (The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships)

Turkish Japanese Summit