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East Africa Business Seminar in Dubai

East Africa Business Seminar in Dubai

“East Africa Business Seminar” was organized by JETRO in Dubai, UAE on Sep. 3rd 2014. Mr. Tadesse Dadi Segni as UNIDO Advisor for Ethiopia made a presentation about his country.

Enthusiastic atmosphere in the seminar room showed strong interest of Japanese companies to the East African region, including Ethiopia.

tadesse_photoEthiopia is one of the most rapidly growing countries. It recorded more than 10% of annual economic growth from 2004 to 2011 and its growth ratio in last 5 years was the top in Africa. Hundreds of companies of emerging countries such as Turkey, China or India have already started operation in Ethiopia, though only 4 Japanese companies are operating now. The investment from Japan is strongly awaited.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo is implementing the “Advisory Programme in Africa,” together with the Government of Japan, by appointing local business advisers as the counterpart of Japanese business entities in 3 African countries such as Algeria, Ethiopia and Mozambique. Mr. Tadesse Dadi Segni, UNIDO Adviser for Ethiopia, is a window person for Japanese companies with rich experience of business support.

If you have any interest, please contact Mr. Murakami of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo.


“East Africa Business Seminar”


Date:   Wednesday, 3rd September 2014  14:00-17:30
Venue:  Shangrila Hotel, Dubai  (9F, Al Bader Ballroom)


14:00  Opening
14:05  JETRO Johannesburg
          Mr. Kimihiko INABA
15:00  JETRO Nairobi
          Mr. Yuki NAGAMINE
16:00  JICA Tanzania
          Mr. Yasunori ONISHI
17:00  JICA Ethiopia
          Mr. Takusaburo KIMURA
          UNIDO Adviser
          Mr. Tadesse Dadi SEGNI
17:30  JICA Kenya
          Mr. Hideo EGUCHI