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[Media] UNIDO and JETRO MOU Signing Ceremony on the occasion of TICAD VI

[Media] UNIDO and JETRO MOU Signing Ceremony on the occasion of TICAD VI



UNIDO and JETRO MOU Signing Ceremony
On the occasion of TICAD VI, in Nairobi, Kenya
26 August 2016

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at TICAD VI. The objective of the MOU is to establish a framework for cooperation and to develop a long-term, flexible and collaborative relationship between the two organizations. The cooperation is intended to contribute to supporting the needs of developing countries in particular by promoting trade and investment between Japan and the developing countries in line with the concept of “Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (hereinafter referred to as “ISID“). At the signing ceremony, UNIDO will be represented by Mr. LI Yong, Director General, and JETRO will be represented by Mr. Hiroyuki Ishige, Chairman and CEO.

Key messages

1. UNIDO and JETRO intend to identify possibilities to develop joint cooperation projects and activities
    aimed at enhancing sustainable industrialization in developing countries and the economies in
    transition through promoting trade and investment.

2. UNIDO and JETRO will identify existing projects and activities, in which joint efforts may obtain
    synergies and better results.

3. The joint projects and activities may be oriented towards:
     a) Exchanging knowledge, information and tools related to trade and investment promotion in line
         with ISID;
     b) Providing expertise to promote the sustainable industrial development in developing countries;
     c) Providing training activities for trade and investment promotion organizations in developing
     d) Co-organizing forums and seminars on the topics of trade and investment promotion with regard
         to ISID.


About Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID)
A concept that every country achieves a higher level of industrialization in their economies and benefits from the globalization of markets for industrial goods and services; no one is left behind in benefitting from industrial growth, and prosperity is shared among women and men in all countries, while safeguarding the environment.

About UNIDO                                                                                
UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. It was established in 1966 and is headquartered in Vienna, with 56 liaison, representative offices and desks worldwide, with 20 offices in Africa.

About JETRO                                                                                   
Established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential. JETRO has 74 overseas offices worldwide, with 7 offices in Africa. 

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