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Mebiol Inc. registered in the STePP received the ENERGY GLOBE National Award 2022

Mebiol Inc. registered in the STePP received the ENERGY GLOBE National Award 2022


Mr. Mori (left), founder of Mebiol Inc., receives the award from Mr. Ingomar Lochschmidt, Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy.

Mebiol Inc (Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa), a registered member of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP), received the Energy Globe Award 2022, an international environmental award established in Austria, in the country category.

Tomatoes cultivated by film farming

The award was given to Mebiol for its project “Sustainable Agriculture with Imec Film Farming“. The film agriculture method developed by the company is an agricultural method through a special film that acts as soil and water, enabling efficient cultivation with minimal water and eliminating bacteria and viruses, making it easy for people without agricultural experience to grow vegetables and other crops. It is also recognized as an environmentally friendly and sustainable technology because it does not generate harmful substances during disposal. This technology was registered as an agribusiness-related technology in the STePP of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo in 2018.

The award ceremony was held at the company on November 24. The Austrian Embassy Commercial Section stated as the reason for the award: “The technology offers a solution to the problems currently faced by agriculture, eliminating the need for laborious soil preparation and watering, and enabling people without expertise to grow high-quality crops without water loss. This innovative agricultural solution was highly evaluated.”

Mr. Yuichi Mori, Mebiol’s founder, expressed his gratitude at the award ceremony, “We are truly honored to receive this world-class award. We would like to contribute to solving environmental problems by spreading this technology, which enables plants to grow well even in deserts and barren lands, throughout the world.”