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Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021 (13-15 October) ※ Online

Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021 (13-15 October) ※ Online

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo will host “Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021” online from 13th to 15th October 2021.

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo operates STePP, or “Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform” in an effort to accelerate transfer of selected sound and productive Japanese technologies to developing and emerging countries in the fields of 1) Energy, 2) Environment, 3) Agri-business and 4) Human health.

The Sustainable Technology Exhibition 2021 will feature such sustainable technologies owned by 25 Japanese companies as listed below. You can visit the Exhibition any time, from anywhere during the Exhibition period. Join us at the Exhibition to get to know more about sustainable technologies and to communicate directly with the technology owners.

Event Outline

The Exhibition Period:  13th October (13:00) through 15th October (12:00) (JST)  
  You can visit the Exhibition any time during the above time frame and you have access to view/download the information at the company booths. You can also send emails to exhibitors.

The Booths will be Fully Attended by Exhibitors on 13th &14th of October, between 13:00 and 20:00 (JST)
  During the above time frame, you can directly communicate with the technology holders through chats and emails. Web meetings can also be arranged on the spot. Technical support is also available during this time by the platform operator.
-Format:          Online Exhibition    
-Organizer:      UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
-Language:      English / Japanese
-Participation:  Free of charge

Register from here if you are interested to visit the Exhibition.

Upon registration, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to you. You can enter the exhibition using your email and the password given in the confirmation email.

※ Exhibition site will open on 13th Oct 2021 at 13:00 (JST), or at 04:00 (UTC).

List of Exhibitors 

You can view the technology briefs by clicking the company name.

<Energy Technologies>

No. Company Name (English) Technology Website
1 ELIS CO., LTD.[PDF] WaterWeco® (Micro Hydro)[別窓]
2 GAINA Pro Co., Ltd.[PDF] A Multi-functional Ceramic Coating Material[別窓]
3 NAKAYAMA IRON WORKS, LTD.[PDF] Hydro power: Pico and Micro Hydropower Systems[別窓]
4 NEC Corporation[PDF] NEC HSS®: Hybrid Storage Solution for Optimizing Renewable Energy[別窓][別窓]


<Environmental Technologies>

No. Company Name (English) Technology Website
1 Chuwa Industrial Co., Ltd.[PDF] Environmentally-friendly and Smokeless Incinerator[別窓]
2 Donico Inter Co., Ltd.[PDF] Glass recycling:Micro-Sizer(Glass cullet production equipment)
Glass recycling:Crushing equipment(FDS1250)[別窓]
3 Excelsior, Inc. Mt. Fuji Toilet: Portable and ECO-friendly Hygiene Facility[別窓]
4 GIKEN LTD.[PDF] Press-in Method (Piling technology) with “Silent Piler”[別窓]
5 Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd.[PDF] Environmental-friendly Automobile Recycling[別窓]
6 Kayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.[PDF] Treatment and Recycling System for Industrial Waste
and Medical Waste to Form a Sustainable Society[別窓]
7 MARUSYO SANGYO Co., Ltd.[PDF] Inviroshiled M5[別窓]
8 Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.[PDF] On-site Water Treatment System to Improve Quality[別窓]
9 Nanatsubaki Inc.[PDF] UVC Germicidal Lamps[別窓]
10 Nippon Basic Co., Ltd.[PDF] ・Water treatment: Desalination of seawater for drinking
・Water treatment: Bicycle-powered water purifying equipment [別窓]
11 SHINKO TECNOS CO., LTD.[PDF] Plastic to Oil machine Hydrothermal machine[別窓]
12 Tamada Corporation[PDF] SF Double Wall Tank[別窓]


<Agribusiness Technologies>

No. Company Name (English) Technology Website
1 Japan Conservation Engineers & Co., Ltd.[PDF] Fujimin[別窓]
2 OOHASHI Co., Ltd.[PDF] Durable Construction Temporary Road Mats Made of Recycled Polyethylene for Agricultural Roads and Working Platforms[別窓]
3 Shinmei Co., Ltd. [PDF] Food Traceability Technology Utilizing QR Code, RFID IC Tag and Printer[別窓]
4 Tottori Resource Recycling, Inc.[PDF] Water-Saving Porous Alpha[別窓]


<Human Health Technologies>

No. Company Name (English) Technology Website
1 AGC Inc.[PDF] Electrolyzed Water Generator Incorporated with Ion Exchange Membrane for Disinfectant and Washing Water for Oils and Fats AGC:[別窓]
2 NascNano Technology Co., Ltd.[PDF] MEDICAL NANOCOAT
3 NEW STANDARD’S Co., Ltd. AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) with Ultra-efficient Condensation System “Sarastear®”[別窓]

Terios-Tec Co., Ltd.[PDF]/Parks Co., Ltd.

Hypochlorous Acid Solution Manufacturing Equipment (Patented Technology: Buffer Method)[別窓]

5 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.[PDF] YAMAHA Clean Water Supply System 日本語版:[別窓]


For further information, please contact:

  Ms. Toshinaga / Ms. Horiguchi, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo