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Lao PDR Delegate & Business Meetings

Lao PDR Delegate & Business Meetings

UNIDO Tokyo is inviting Mr. Thongsay Sayavongkhamdy, Vice Governor and Mr. Phanomkone Dararassamy, Director of Savan-SENO Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZA) from 6 to 11 April 2015.

Mr. Thongsay and Mr. Phanomkone will introduce the latest progress in Savan-SENO SEZA and also investment climate of the country through individual business meetings to be held in Tokyo on 10 Arpil 2015.

A group of Laotian companies will also join the delegation. These companies are engaged in wood processing industry but having interests in other business as well. The names of the companies are as below;

(1) Saxy Group
(2) Duangdao Wood Processing
(3) Wood Products KM13
(4) Khamsamai Chalernchai Wood Processing
(5) Mixay Group

If you are interested to meet with SEZA officials and/or companies from Laos, please let us know.


Date  : 10 April 14:30 – 17:30
Venue: UNU HQs Bldg. 2nd Floor Committee Room 3


1. Organization
2. Name
3. Telephone Number
4. Meeting Purpose
  A. The Executives of Wood Processing Companies
  B. The directors of Savan-SENO SEZA
5. Agenda
     If you would like to see the directors of Savan-SENO SEZA,
     please give agenda of your interest.

Ms. Toshinaga
Ms. Horiguchi


  • Mr. Thongsay Sayavongkhamdy

  • Mr. Phanomkone Dararassamy

  • Mr. Phouthone Sashi, SAXY Group