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Fully Automated Clinical Analyser “BIOLIS 30i”

Fully Automated Clinical Analyser “BIOLIS 30i”

Tokyo Boeki Medysis Inc.

Compact Fully Automated Clinical
Analyser for Clinical-Chemistry,
Immuno-Assy, Drugs, Coagulation and ISE

BIOLIS 30i is a Made-in-Japan, Open system, Compact benchtop design (W800×D670×H555 (mm)), fully automated analyser for Clinical-Chemistry (e.g.: HbA1c), Immuno-Assy (e.g.: CRP), Drugs (TDM and DOA) and Coagulation (e.g.: D Dimer). The reaction cuvettes are semi-disposable (reusable). The Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) for Na+, K+ and Cl- is available as an option. The throughput is 270 tests/hour (with ISE 450 tests/hour). It is suitable for use of routine operation in small-size hospital labs and back-up operation in middle-size hospital labs.

                                                                   Fig. 1 The image of BIOLIS 30i

Product guide: Catalogue_(BIOLIS30i)

Major Features and Advantages

  • High performance and robust design
  • Space-saving, easy operation and maintenance
  • Automatic startup and shutdown
  • Contamination avoidance design (e.g.: air pressure mixing for sample and reagent, individual probes for Sample, R1 and R2)
  • Automatic hemolysis of whole blood sample for HbA1c test
  • Sample clot (fibrin) detection
  • Probe crash detection
  • Less water consumption (Max. 3.8 L/hour)
  • Walkaway system by Journal screen and Voice announcement
  • CE mark and USFDA (Class 2) approval

Product video: coming soon

Technology Data

Technology data

Possible applications

In developing countries (especially in non-urban areas), clinical testing by manual or semi-automatic is still widely performed so that the quality of test tends to be unstable. And even if it is performed by fully automatic, test quality depends heavily on the quality of the analyser. BIOLIS 30i is compact, high quality and easy operation. And it is the most suitable system for those who intend to switch from manual or semi-automatic to fully automatic testing.

We have received feedback from many end-users that the system has been working for more than 10 years with almost no failures and accurate data has been obtained stably.

Competitive advantage

Technical Advantages:
(1) Contamination avoidance design
– Air pressure mixing for sample and reagent prevents the carry over caused by a stirrer
– Three individual probes for Sample, R1 and R2 prevent the cross-contamination caused by probes

(2) Convenient feature for HbA1c test
– Automatic hemolysis for whole blood sample or red blood cell
– HbA1c (from red blood cell) and GLU (from plasma) results can be obtained simultaneously from one patient sample

(3) Sample clot (fibrin) detection

Cost Advantages:
(1) Less water consumption (Max. 3.8 L/h)

(2) Semi-disposable (reusable) cuvettes (rough lifespan: 6 months)


(1) Throughput: 270 tests/h, 450 tests/h including ISE, 90 tests/h HbA1c only
(2) Test items: Clinical-Chemistry, Immuno-Assy, Drugs, Coagulation and ISE
(3) Test contents: Serum, Plasma, Red blood cell, Urine, Dialysis and CSF
(4) Analysis method: Endpoint, Rate (Kinetic) and ISE
(5) Number of test items on board: Max. 36 items + ISE 3 items
(6) Number of sample positions on board: 30 for patient samples, 45 for Standard and Control samples
(7) Total reaction volume: 140 – 400 μL
(8) Optical measurements: 13 kinds (from 340 to 800 nm) by Grating
(9) Quality control method: Current, Daily and Cumulative QC by Westgard Algorithms
(10) Barcode reader (options): For sample and reagent
(11) Water consumption volume: Max. 3.8 L/h
(12) Power consumption: 600 VA
(13) Operation: Personal Computer with Windows 10
(14) Available language: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
(15) Dimensions and Weight: W800 mm x D670 mm x H555 mm, NW 95 kg
(16) Main consumables: Reagent, Cuvette, Lamp, Alkaline and acid washing solutions (exclusive use), distilled water  (electric conductivity < 1.0 micro [S/cm]) etc.,

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

BIOLIS 30i is the latest generation of BIOLIS series of analysers. It has gained certificates as follows.

  • CE mark
  • USFDA (Class 2) approval
  • IEC61010

As of December 2020, more than 800 units are sold mainly in Russia, USA and ASEAN countries.
Tokyo Boeki Medysis is now particularly interested in expanding sales to Sub-Saharan countries.

The total sales records of the BIOLIS series (sales started on 1999) are as follows.

(1) Total sales number: Approx. 8,000 units
Asia & Pacific: 2,800 units
Middle East & Africa: 700 units
Europe & CIS: 2,800 units
Americas: 1,700 units

(2) Total sales countries: 82 countries
Asia & Pacific: 20 countries
Middle East & Africa: 19 countries
Europe & CIS: 27 countries
Americas: 16 countries

Information on patent related to this technology

JPA 201908646-000000

Company Data

Company data

Name Tokyo Boeki Medysis Inc.
Address 1-14-21 Higashi Toyoda, Hino, Tokyo 191-0052 Japan
Capital  200 million JPY (as of March 31, 2020)
Contact person

Mr. Kazutaka NAKAMURA
Tel.:  +81-3-6841-8703
Corporate website:

Number of employees 73 (as of March 31, 2020)
Date of company foundation July 1, 1999
Type of business Development/manufacture and sale of fully automated blood analyser

International operation

Number of employees for international operation 
Sales: 5
Customer support: 1
Logistics: 1
Overseas offices

City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)

Modality of business transaction

Export of product
We will appoint a distributor in each country and supply products and necessary supports to them from Japan. We will invite engineer(s) to Tokyo for the technical training. After completing the training, they can set up and maintain the analyser by themselves.


Schematic illustration of the technology

Contact Person(s)

Mr. Kazutaka NAKAMURAE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Human Health Technologies : Monitoring and diagnostic equipment