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Real-time Online Wastewater Monitoring System

Real-time Online Wastewater Monitoring System

Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.

Proper Monitoring and Management
of Wastewater Quality Leads to a
Sustainable Development

Real-Time Online Wastewater Monitoring System is a packaged system composed of measuring sensors, one control panel and one communication unit to monitor the wastewater quality such as COD, TSS, temperature, etc. and flow rate.
The sensors can be customized according to the client’s needs. Clients can monitor the parameters from their PCs and smartphones through the cloud-server on a real-time basis, and if the wastewater quality exceeds the pre-set values, clients will receive an alert immediately so that they can stop the operation of wastewater treatment plants or discharge of effluents until the issue is solved. This system will help realize the suitable wastewater management for the clients.

Fig. 1 The scheme of Real-time Online Wastewater Treatment System

Major Features and Advantages

  • Basic monitoring parameters are: COD, BOD, pH, Turbidity, EC, Temperature, flow rate (Customizable)
  • Clients can access the monitoring data from PCs and smartphones from anywhere, at any time (No limit of users)
  • Local SIM card is used for communication; thus, operation cost is reasonable
  • Effective for wastewater management and preventive maintenance of wastewater treatment systems or sewage treatment plants

Product guide: Online wastewater Monitoring System

Technology Data

Technology data

Possible applications

Our Real-time Online Wastewater Monitoring System (hereinafter called The System) can be installed at factories or sewage treatment plants to monitor the operating status of wastewater/ sewage treatment plants, wastewater discharge quality, flow rate, etc.
The System will be especially beneficial to clients in countries where wastewater management is implemented, for it can be integrated to the existing or newly built wastewater/ sewage treatment plant to monitor and keep track of its performance. When necessary, reporting to the government or clients is very convenient using the functions such as trend graph, alert history, exporting to Excel, etc.
It is also expected that this system can be utilized as a measure to supplement when there is a lack of human resources, know-how or experiences in wastewater management.

Competitive advantage

The System is a package of measuring sensors, control panel and communication unit and is easily installed at existing factories or sewage treatment plants.
The operation cost is quite   competitive compared to other monitoring systems, in that this uses local SIM cards for data transfer, just like mobile phones.
                                                          Fig. 2 External appearance of the System                                                           


An established remote monitoring technology (WeLLDAS™) is equipped at the core of the System. With this technology, the monitoring data such as parameters’ values and operating status are transferred and become visible on the user-friendly on-line platform (See below). This data transfer is conducted every two minutes.

Fig. 3 The sample of COD trend graph

                                                  Table 1 The sample of measurement items and values

The technical performance of measuring instruments is also secured by procuring the reliable ones (Instruments can be selected by the clients as well).

Power-supply of the System is AC230V×50Hz×single phase, but they can be customized by client’s requests.
The system also has UPS to avoid getting damage from sudden power failure.

If the wastewater quality exceeds the pre-set values, clients will receive an alert email immediately so that they can stop the operation of wastewater treatment plants or discharge of effluents until the issue is solved. Also, if the System is connected to the wastewater treatment plant, the operation can be stopped automatically at the same moment of an alert as an option.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

The Real-time Online Wastewater Monitoring System equipped with WeLLDAS™ has also been introduced to 4 sites, including an alcohol factory in Myanmar and a wastewater treatment plant in Indonesia.

WeLLDAS™, the core remote monitoring technology, has been introduced to over 400 sites around the world, as of December 2020, to monitor water quality of both purified water and wastewater at hospitals, hotels, factories, water treatment plants, etc. on a real-time basis.

Application of WeLLDAS™ for a water purification plant:

Information on patent related to this technology


Company Data

Company data

Name Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.
Address 2-2, Nihonbashihongoku-cho 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital 373.5 million JPY (as of December 31, 2020)
Contact person

Overseas Business Support Dept.
Tel.: +81-3-6848-1069

Number of employees 472 (as of April 1, 2021)
Date of company foundation  November 1985
The type of business
  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of “Decentralized Water Treatment Systems”, wastewater treatment systems, separation and refining systems, medical water treatmemt systems and etc.”
  2. Water quality analysis
  3. Sales of water treatment related chemicals, standard equipment, hollow fiber membrane, ion exchange resins and membrane, etc.
  4. Hydroponics system and Seeding production system for plant factory

International operation

Number of employees for international operation 

Overseas offices

City, Country Name of Company
(if applicable)
Laguna, Philippine

Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.          Philippine Branch

Modality of business transaction

We are looking for a local business partner or a distributor who would actively support promoting and installing our technology and product.
When we find a potential partner(s), we will transfer the technology, necessary for the work above.

Export of product
We can export our products to clients overseas. Even in this case, we will provide necessary assistance through the remote monitoring system.


Schematic illustration of the technology


Contact Person(s)

Overseas Business Support Dept. E-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Environmental Technologies : Pollution Prevention and Control