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Vitalgram®-Patch type Wearable Multi-Vital Sensing Technology for Health Monitoring

Vitalgram®-Patch type Wearable Multi-Vital Sensing Technology for Health Monitoring

AffordSENS Corporation

A Micro Wearable Device of
Instant & Precise Vital Sensing for Health Monitoring 


AffordSENS offers one of the world’s most tiny, lightweight, flexible, bendable and patch-type wearable wireless multi-vital sensing technology - Vitalgram®

  • Simple to Use - Wear It and Leave It
  • Fusion of Multi-sensors - Vital, Motion and Environmental Sensing
  • Onboard Real Time Data Processing for Vital Algorithms
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wireless Connectivity with Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology

Vitalgram® transforms the way we experience the world from data monitoring to prevention and watching that will afford a better safety, reliable and comfortable lifestyle for everyone.
                       Fig. 1 How Vitalgram® works

AffordSENS Corporation premises that Vitalgram® can be properly used for the purpose of health monitoring by general users (not by doctors).
Until the company complies prescribed condition and obtains the approval and license etc. from relevant authorities, the company stipulates that diagnostic action by using this product cannot be conducted; doctors are not able to use it for patients.

Major Features and Advantages

Strengths and selling points of Vitalgram® technology

  • Simple to use - wear it and leave it. Vitalgram® is one of the world most tiny, lightweight, flexible, bendable and wearable patch-type wireless multi-vital sensing technology which is designed for sensing in anytime, anywhere, without disturbing daily life.
                     Fig. 2 Wearable multi-vital sensor Vitalgram (RevC)

  • Fusion of Multi-sensing:
    • Vital sensing: Electrocardiogram (ECG / EKG), heart rate, respiration rate, body skin and core-body temperature
    • Body posture, behaviour and step count: 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope
    • Environmental sensing: Ambient temperature, humidity & atmospheric pressure (altitude).
  • Onboard real time data processing to compute critical vital data including heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability (HRV) for mental stress level indication as well as core body temperature and accumulation of heat road for thermal stress level indication.

  • Transmit all the collected data to mobile or cloud system in real time for healthcare monitoring and emergency prevention.

  • Wireless, low power consumption and rechargeable.

Technology Data

Possible applications

After wearing Vitalgram® on the chest, it will continue sensing the vital signals including electrocardiogram (ECG / EKG), heart rate, respiration rate, body skin and core-body temperature. Not only vital sensing, Vitalgram® is also capable to monitor the body’s motion and posture by 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. Moreover it is also monitoring ambient temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure at the same time. Furthermore, by using the onboard data processing, Vitalgram® computes critical vital data including heart rate, respiration rate and heart rate variability (HRV) for analyzing the activation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to indicate the stress level in real time. All the data is transmitted to mobile or cloud system for healthcare monitoring and emergency prevention.
                             Fig. 3 Vitalgram comprehensive technology from vital sensing to cloud system

By combining the collected multi-vital data, location-based service (LBS) data and applying AI analyses, it is capable to establish the advanced health monitoring system for following applications:

  • Home / Nursing / Elderly healthcare / Remote health monitoring
  • Rehabilitation & Preventive-rehabilitation / Accelerate patient recovery
  • Sports / Fitness / Physical training
  • Workers health monitoring (e.g. stress, heat stroke)
  • Emergency prevention for high risk occupations: Police / Firefighter / Army 

※Future Plan (after obtainment of approval and license etc.)
Hospital & Clinics Medical Monitoring & Diagnostic / Discharge Monitoring (For medical application, the medical equipment certification is necessary in each country.)                               Fig. 4 Future telemedicine and home healthcare system reinforced with AI technology

Competitive advantage

Technical advantage

  • Tiny and light wearable multi-vital sensor with abundant sensing functions.
  • Our original vital sign analytical algorithm (for ECG R-wave peak detection under intense body movement, real time HRV analyses, respiration extraction from ECG signal, core body temperature and thermal stress estimation and so on).
  • The advanced health monitoring system cooperated with sensing data processing on board and on cloud server.


Performance of current products of Vitalgram

  • ECG : 128~1024 Hz sampling, 11 bit resolution
  • Skin temperature : 3~60 sec sampling, 0,02 C resolution, ±0.5 C accuracy
  • Core body temperature : 3~60 sec sampling, 0,02 C resolution, ±0.5 C accuracy
  • 3-axis acceleration : ±8 G dynamic range, 25 Hz sampling, 16 bit resolution
  • Gyroscope : ±500 dps dynamic range, 12.5 Hz sampling, 16 bit resolution
  • Operation time : 48 hours ~ 1 week (depend on data transmitting frequency)
  • Wireless protocol : Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • Memory : 4 M Bytes (Capable to sore Heart rate and respiration rate for 8 days)
  • Waterproof : up to IPX6
  • Size and weight : 15 x 45 x 2mm & 1g (without battery & case)                 Fig. 5 Next generation VitalgramII; mounted in a hard case (left) and in a rubber case (right)

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Vitalgram® has been sold about 400 sets for 5 years. The application examples are below;

  • IOT companies utilized for the development of health / stress level monitoring system.
  • Home appliances manufacturers used for the evaluation of comfortableness of human and experience.
  • Automobile manufacturers used for the evaluation of fatigue and drowsiness of the driver.
  • Construction companies used for the development of heat stroke prediction system.

Present Vitalgram® sensor has been evolved in many ways not only in hard wear but also in soft wear (see diagram below).
                      Fig. 6 Development history of Vitalgram

Information on patent related to this technology

Registered Japanese Patent : JP5058409, JP5614653, JP5839442, JP5975457
Japanese Laid-open disclosure number : 2018-139757, 2018-139758, 2018-139759, 2018-139761, 2019-012027, 2019-097819
Japanese patent application number (not in public) : 2017-253079, 2019- 76876
US Application No 16/201,462, China Application No201811454330.2,
Korea Appilcation No 2018-0151454

Company Data

Name AffordSENS Corporation
Address Registered Head Office:
10-6-102, Shirahatakamicho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-Pref., 221-0075, Japan

R&D Center:
Incubation Center 9303, The University of Hyogo, 2167 Shosha, Himeji, Hyogo, 671-2280, Japan

Capital 10 million JPY (as of 31 July, 2019)
Contact person Dr. Kohei HIGUCHI
TEL: +81-79-267-6019
Number of employees 3 (as of 31 July, 2019)
Date of company foundation 18 November, 2013
The type of business Design, prototype, manufacture and sales wearable vital sensors

                   Corporate website:

International operation

Number of employees for international operation 

(Mr. Kohei Higuchi and Mr. Alex Chan Chun-kit)

Overseas offices
City, Country Name of Company
(if applicable)

Modality of business transaction

Collaboration with local partners
We would like to correspond flexibly to the mode of business from manufacturing to sales on consignment depending on capabilities of local partners.

Export of product
We have experience of shipping some prototypes. Products exporting is now under planning.

Licensing of patent
We can also give licence our patents, know-how and software license and outsource manufacturing and sales to local partners.


Schematic illustration of the technology


Contact Person(s)

Dr. Kohei HIGUCHIE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Human Health Technologies : Monitoring and diagnostic equipment