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Agriculture: "MR-X" Agricultural Materials for Environmental Protection

Agriculture: "MR-X" Agricultural Materials for Environmental Protection

FUMIN Co., Ltd.

"MR-X": Agricultural Materials for Environmental Protection


R-X is a ph.2.7 solution extracted from minerals, a kind of peat moss, taken from diatomaceous earth strata (ten meters below ground) that the deposition of chlorophyll-rich marine unicellular diatoms (sea kelp and plankton) was made a few hundred years ago.

Phosphate fertilizers are commonly used to improve yields in agriculture. However, as phosphoric acid is bonded with iron and aluminum, phosphate fertilizers are absorbed poorly from roots. As MR-X easily bonds with iron and aluminum, it prevents phosphoric acid fixing. In other words, MR-X makes less-effective-phosphoric acid effective. It can be verified by observing thick white roots. Additionally, that balanced natural marine minerals influences plant growth has a positive influence for making enzyme and soil active significantly, and non vaporized sulfur is a trigger for antibacterial effect as well as growth and development.

Accordingly, MR-X makes phosphoric acid active effectively, enables plants to increase its absorption while reduces crop disease. Consequently, less agricultural chemicals and phosphate fertilizers will be used. Also, activating plants leads to improve quality and yields. Moreover, MR-X will solve the widespread ground water contamination, which is caused by excessive usage of less-effective phosphate fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers, herbicides and agricultural chemicals.

Shinozuka (*) pointed out that antibacterial effect of MR-X might be manifested for coliform bacteria、staphylococcus aureus, and grass bacillus at low concentrations (50ppm).

Also the characteristics of MR-X such as bonding-with-heavy metal and anti-bacterial effects can be applicable to water purification.

(*) Noriko Shinozuka, Assistant Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, 1995.

Major Features and Advantages

"MR-X": accelerates growth of roots, increases greater yields and improves taste in products.

Technology Data

Conceivable applications

  1. The promotion of germination of MR-X can be verified by observing thick white roots. Additionally, that balanced natural marine minerals influences plant growth has a positive influence for making enzyme and soil active significantly, and non vaporized sulfur is a trigger for antibacterial effect as well as growth and development.

  2. Purification of filthy water in ponds etc.:
    It is reported that fish carcasses due to water contamination was settled the day after scattering 15 liters of MR-X over the pond with a capacity of 100 tons, where carcasses of fish had been observed everyday.
  1. Deodorization of stench:
    Soon after mixing MR-X soil* with cowpat of the ranch at the ration of 1-to-1000, odor measurement was taken reporting that stench was disappeared. The 500 times diluted MR-X will do the same.
    MR-X soil: soil after extracting MR-X solution.

Competitive Advantage

Actual cost of MR-X (1L(liter)) for 1000㎡ is 3,500 JPN yen. Improvement of yield and quality are expected at relatively inexpensive cost. As MR-X is extracted from natural resources, its safety has been confirmed with our 40 years’ continuous business activities.

MR-X is a unique solution containing fulvic and humic acids equally and sulfur is the most abundant chemical element.


Usage and Effect

(1) Agricultural chemicals are not used for seed disinfection.

MR-X is pH2.7 and highly acidic. Bacteria and virus can not survive under pH3.

At the time of seed disinfection, soak seeds overnight in 100 times diluted MR-X solution without using agricultural chemicals. Damages due to disease will be occurred infrequently in comparison with seeds using agricultural chemicals. If seeds are disinfected by agricultural chemicals, such aseptic seeds would allow other bacteria to overgrow. Rather use MR-X to activate seeds and make them resistant to bacteria. Eventually it will improve germination. This can apply for all crops. MR-X activates growth of roots and improve high yields.

During growing period, spray 500 times diluted MR-X solution on the leaves with interval of once in 2 weeks.

(2) MR-X soil improvement test

Results of MR-X soil improvement test are as follows. This is the case that a farmer in Miyagi Prefecture did it before rain protected culture of spinach planting in the house that had been used for paddy rice seedling.

Paddy: soak seeds in 100 times-diluted MR-X for 24 hours. Tomato: foliar spray 100 times diluted MR-X.
*Applied in April, 2018
  (photos taken on Sep 7)
Green beans: foliar spray 500 times diluted MR-X.
*Applied in June, 2018
  (photos taken on Aug 10)
Green chili peppers: soak seeds 100 times diluted
*Applied on 5 Sep 2018
  (photos taken on Oct 5)
Green chili peppers: soak seeds 100 times diluted MR-X for 24 hours.
*Transplanted on Oct 6
(photos taken on Oct 29)


Technical maturity

MR-X is a natural substance, it is difficult to analyze completely. It is not categorized as fertilizer or agricultural chemical because of subtleness of components. The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) categorizes it as “soil conditioner (soil improvement material)”.

Past record of introduction

As of 2017, ZEN-NOH Fukushima, ZEN-NOH Niigata and ZEN-NOH Yamagata use MR-X, which might be considered as agricultural material for environmental protection. For example, 4,000 liters of MR-X was sold to ZEN-NOH Niigata, 150 liters to ZEN-NOH Yamagata, and 1,000 liters to ZEN-NOH Fukushima in 2018.

Company Data

Name FUMIN Co., Ltd.
Address 21 Gounomeazakami, Fukushima-Shi, Fukushima, 960-8161, Japan
Capital 10,000,000 JPY (as of January 11, 2019)
Contact person

TEL: +81-24-544-0223
FAX: +81-24-545-0620
Contact: Mr. Katsuo YAGISAWA

Number of employees

4 (as of January 11, 2019)

Date of company foundation November 30, 1978
Type of business Manufacturer of agricultural and environmental protection materials


International operation

Number of employees for international operation 
City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)

Modality of business transaction


Non-Exclusive Agreement

Firstly, we would like to export MR-X products and train local employees how to use them, and then expand them to the local market. In future, we would like to procure materials and manufacture locally.


Schematic illustration of the technology

MR-X Link:

Contact Person(s)

Mr. Katsuo YAGISAWAE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Agribusiness Technologies : Production enhancement