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Energy Efficiency: Excharge® for Motorcycles (Extract Extra Energy from Ordinary Vehicles)

Energy Efficiency: Excharge® for Motorcycles (Extract Extra Energy from Ordinary Vehicles)

Excharge Co., Ltd.

Battery Charger for Motorcycles
Energy Efficiency at a Low Cost


xcharge Co., Ltd. provides a charger to be utilized by motorcycles in off-grid areas or areas that often
experience blackouts.

Motorcycles typically generate electricity and charge the main battery to power anything from headlights and tail lamps to stereos and other accessories. However, these vehicles continue to generate electricity even after the battery is fully charged. All that extra power, sadly, goes to waste.

Is there a way to harness that extra power? Now there is. Excharge can help to utilize this excess power to charge many kinds of devices including cell phones and power bank.  Moreover, the price for this useful technology is minimal, at a user price of around 10 USD. Plus, Excharge is durable and water/vibration proof. Yet another benefit is that it can’t be stolen from the vehicle easily, as it is embedded into the motorcycle body. 

Major Features and Advantages

I. Water and Vibration Proof
Excharge resists vibration, which is common while riding a motorcycle over rough terrain. It also resists water, which means it can be charged even in rainy, wet conditions.

II. No Additional Fuel Required
Because Excharge works solely on battery, it requires no fuel, cutting down on overall expenses and helping the environment by reducing emissions.

III. Protection
Featuring Reverse Battery Protection and Short Circuit Protection, Excharge offers both convenience and safety to every user.

IV. Thermal Shutdown and sleep mode
Excharge is smart: it shuts down when overheated and restarts when it cools. Thermal shut down activates if the junction temperature reaches more than 150 degrees Celsius. Also, the sleep mode allows it to stop providing electricity when charging is complete.

Already manufactured in India, Excharge has produced approximately 4,000 units so far, primarily in Benin, Kenya. With such a low purchase cost, Excharge is a sought-after technology among motorcycle riders.

Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Excharge is a charger that can be used on motor cycles. This technology is suited for off-grid areas or areas that often experience black out. In such areas, still many motor cycles are running around. Such vehicles usually generate electricity and charge its main battery for head lights, tail lamps, stereos. However even after the battery is fully charged, the vehicle keeps generating electricity, creating excess power.

Our chargers utilize such power to charge drivers’ cell phones and power banks during their drive. Once their power banks are charged, USB LED bulb can be used for hours. In unelectrified area, they can replace kerosene lamps that generate toxic smokes. And also, if it is replaced, it can stop fire that is caused by kerosene lamps. Charger end user price will be around 10 USD. It can be charged in water, as it is robust and water/vibration proof. Also it is not easy to be stolen because the charger can be embedded into the motor cycle body.


<Motorcycle Taxi Driver saw the Excharge          <Excharge® installed next tothe scooter seat>
® first time in Benin!>

<Excharge® installed next to its handle bar>    <Excharge® installed under the seat>

<Excharge® size Fig>

Competitive Advantage

  • Sub batteries can be charged in the night, rainy seasons
  • No solar panel required (no panel maintenance)
  • No additional fuel required
  • Water proof (it can charge in water)
  • Vibration proof
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • With Sleep mode


    Operating voltage 8v to 18v (For 12V Standard Battery)
    Output voltage 5 ±0.25v
    Output current 2.1 Amp Max
    Sleep Mode Current <5mA
    Operating temperature -20°C to +85°C
    Storage Temperature -30°C to +90°C
    Reverse Battery protection Inbuilt
    Short Circuit Protection Inbuilt
    Thermal Shutdown Activates if junction temp  150°C
    Waterproof Yes! Even if it is OPEN, Shower OK!

    Technical maturity

    (1) Tech Maturity
    <Motor cycle charger>
    Already manufactured in India
    (The manufacturer in India has very sophisticated manufacturing technology. The manufacturer even works on space technology projects)

    (2) Past Introduction
    <Motor cycle charger>
    Sold for Benin, Kenya. In Indonesia, the product was marketed through an NPO called Kopernik sponsored by JP Morgan.

    Information on patent related to this technology


    Company Data

    Name Excharge Co., Ltd
    Address #180 Kannai Future Center 3-33 Kitanaka-dori, Naka-ku Yokohama, Japan 231-0003
    Capital 15,000,000 JPY
    Contact person

    Mr. Tomoharu Sawahata, President

    Number of employees 1
    Date of company foundation February 4th ,2014
    Overseas offices Retailing


    International operation

    Number of employees for international operation 
    City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
    Singapore Excharge International Pte. Ltd.

    Modality of business transaction


    For 3/4-wheelers, we need partners for selling, installing, managing partners.
    Export of product

    Need Distributors to sell and Engineers to install.


    Schematic illustration of the technology

    For motor cycles

    Contact Person(s)

    Mr. Tomoharu SawahataE-mail:

    *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

    Registered Category

    • Energy Technologies : Energy saving and energy storage