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Building management: Electronically Controlled 4 Stroke Fuel Injection Systems (Model: VF53AS)

Building management: Electronically Controlled 4 Stroke Fuel Injection Systems (Model: VF53AS)



Conceivable applications

The portable fire pump has been developed as a quick & first responder for building and brush fire.

The superior portability & transportability enables the pumps to be used in both congested urban environments as well as difficult to access mountain terrain.

Multiple pumps can be easily used in a relay system to provide water over long distance and duration.

The pump can also be mounted on a truck for emergency deployment ensuring maximum efficiency of transport with a full range of rescue equipment.

Competitive advantage

1. Light weight and compact:

Our engines and pumps are manufactured in house to strict standards maximizing compact and light weight product designs.

2. Quick priming:

Quick priming is provided by a simple operating Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. The pump primes 3 meters in only 3 seconds. Priming speed is the most important factor and the key to a quick attack operation.

3. Low emission:

CO emission is lowered by 43%*. HC and NOx lowered by 90%*.

4. Low noise and less vibration:

Low noise (Reduced by 9dB*) and reduced vibration allows for easy verbal communication during operation.

5. Excellent fuel economy:

Electronically controlled fuel injection system facilitates optimum fuel supply depending on engine speed, minimizing fuel consumption.

6. Engine overheat protection sensor:

The engine overheat protection device is provided as a safeguard against cooling water loss and to protect the engine in the operation with the discharge valve closed. This device automatically shuts off the engine when the temperature reaches 80.

7. Electrically controlled fuel injection:

Electronically controlled fuel injection ensures reliable engine ignition under various weather conditions even in the event of low battery power.

8. Auto priming system:

Rotary vane vacuum pump is automatically activated after the engine starts and turns off once priming is completed.

9. Double swivel outlets swings through an arc of 90 degrees to enable the adjustment of discharge direction.  The discharge valve on a conventional firefighting pump is immobile and hard to adjust the direction.

Technology Data

Technology data


  • Pump performance

    1200 liter / min. at 0.6MPa

    950 liter / min. at 0.8MPa

    700 liter / min. at 1.0MPa

    Max. suction height: Approx. 9m (29.5 feet)

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

The production started in 2006 and we have supplied several thousand VF53AS units to national fire agencies globally including Japan, China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and others.

Conceivable risk


Company Data

Company data




5-4, Azusawa, 3-Chome, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0051 Japan

Capital JPY 500 million
Contact person

Ms. Ayaka Hirai

Tel: +81-3-3966-3137

Fax: +81-3-3966-2951


Number of employees 500 employees
Date of company foundation October 20, 1932
The type of business

-Manufacturing & sales of outboard motors, pleasure boats, portable fire pumps, small fire trucks, pumps for construction, pumps for drainage and refrigerating unit for transportation

-Real estate administration and renting

 International operation

Number of employees for international operation(including overseas operation, if any)  

15 employees

Overseas offices* City , Country Name of company
TX, USA Tohatsu America Corporation

* Overseas offices of alliance members and/or consortium members are also accepted.

Modality of business transaction

We supply our products to dealers and distributors globally. The authorized  dealers and distributors sell and support products locally.

Export of product

      We export our Japan design products globally through the dealer network.


Schematic illustration of the technology

Putting out the fireSuck water from fire hydrant and transfer water about 700m along

Relay pumpingPutting a number of reply pumps and transfer water to high altitude

Flooding situationSucking water up to 2cm depth with special suction tool

④Simplified irrigation system(Utilize the discharge pressure of the pump)

<Example of use of Tohatsu pumps>

UNIDO launched the project titled “Integrated stabilization, economic recovery and reconstruction support for displaced persons and returnees in Iraq” in April 2016. In collaboration with UNIDO, Tohatsu delivered the training on principles of small motor engines and how they are able to drive water pumps for two of the mechanic instructors and one technical adviser from the Swedish Academy for Training (SAT) in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Training was conducted on two sizes of Tohatsu pumps : a large VC82ASE export model with a two-stroke water cooled spark ignition engine along with a smaller V20ES two-stroke air cooled spark ignition engine. Both were stripped down to sub-level components and rebuilt and tested for working operation. After three full days of hand-on training and an afternoon of audio-visual theory instructions on Tohatsu models and functionality of water pumps/engines, a certificate of attendance was presented to all three trainees.

Registered Category

  • Low carbon & energy conservation : Buildings and household