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Agriculture (water): Enhancement of Harvests by Activating Water Molecules

Agriculture (water): Enhancement of Harvests by Activating Water Molecules

JICUW Co., Ltd.


Conceivable applications

Our product “HIET” is an equipment, which separates water molecules by a slight vibration, invented for enhancement of agricultural and livestock productivity.

When using ground water, well water, or agricultural water, HIET enables water molecules to be separated simply by covering a part of water pipes and/or hoses with HIET.

                               Photo 1             Photo 2

                       Photo 1: The actual equipment of “HIET”     Photo 2: An example of the installation of HIET

Image 1

                            Image 1: An example of an application of HIET for an agricultural purpose

As a brief explanation of its principle, HIET generates the far infrared ray towards inside of the equipment and irradiates the clusters of water molecules. This resonates the wavelength of the water molecules and coincides it with the natural frequency of water. This mechanism enables detachment of hydrogen bonding between water molecules and allow water molecules to be free to move (as illustrated in the Image 2). These activated water molecules are called free molecules, which helps the growth of crops. Hence, HIET enhances agricultural harvesting by creating these free water molecules through separation of hydrogen bonding between water molecules.
Besides, HIET functions almost permanently without maintenance. 

Image 2

                                                                  Image 2 Structure of HIET

Image 3

                                                      *Image 3: The basic principle of the HIET

Competitive advantage

[Enhance agricultural productivity and improves the quality]
The water, filtered by the HIET, increases productivity of crops (e.g. rice, strawberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkins), and improves the quality of such agricultural products.

[No maintenance required]
The function of the “HIET” lasts almost permanently, and no maintenance is required. Thus, no operation cost would be required.

[Reduce application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides]
With water, filtered through the HIET, agricultural products grows without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, or only with a small amount, so you can significantly reduce such chemical inputs for agriculture production. Not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, you can assure the safety of the food quality, which benefits the people's health. Besides, it will be cost effective.

Technology Data

Technology data


<Equipment comparison>

1. The number of free molecules in water, filtered through the “HIET”, is 2.5 times more than
    that in tap water.

2. If you apply other similar equipment, the amount of free molecules in the water (e.g. general
    magnetic water) would be reduced by half within 40 minutes, while free water molecules,
    formed by the “HIET”, would stay free longer and continuously deliver a positive impact.

<Equipment performance>

Growth enhancement and cleansing effect for agricultural and livestock products

=>The water, filtered by the HIET, achieves a high thermal diffusivity and increases water permeability. As water permeability is higher, microorganisms in the soil will be able to assimilate more water. As the leaf cells can absorb more water, the rate of photosynthesis will grow. As a result, the harvest quality will be improved.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Actual number of years since its production:    20 years
Sales results :                                            About 700 units

Conceivable risk

Generally, there will be no risks to utilize the “HIET” farming method. However, depending on the quality of water, water treatment and purification processes might be required before its application. In addition, please note that the HIET would not solve the soil contamination.

Company Data

Company data

Name  JICUW Co., Ltd.
Address  Esty Maison 807, 3-11-19, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital  JPY 6.0 million
Contact person

Tel.:   +81-3-6264-0199
Fax:   +81-3-6264-2133


Number of employees  4
Date of company foundation  February 4, 2015
The type of business  Innovation of farming method


Modality of business transaction

As a next step, once the export operation becomes stable, we would like to consider establishing a subsidiary and/or sales branch office(s) in the future.

Export of product
At the beginning, we would like to sell the product directly from Japan, and we don’t allocate staff in the local field.


Schematic illustration of the technology 

[Support System]
If there are any questions about how to use the “HIET”, you can contact us by E-mail or on the phone. If you wish to see a sample application of the HIET on the field, please request us in advance, so that we will organize a visit for you to a Japanese farm, who has applied the “HIET” for agricultural harvesting.

If you are interested in this HIET farming method, please download the files, below:

To learn more about the basic function of HIET, please check the following URL:

In addition, we have also created the scientific documentation. If you would like to know more, please download the file below:

Contact Person(s)

Ms. Ayako MatsumotoE-mail:

*Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

Registered Category

  • Agribusiness Technologies : Production enhancement / Adaptation to climate change