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Agriculture (irrigation): Simple Drip Irrigation System

Agriculture (irrigation): Simple Drip Irrigation System

Netafim Japan Co., Ltd.

Water-Saving Technology         
for Agricultural Applications

The agricultural industry has long been trying to find a more effective way to irrigate crops for better results. A new technology that addresses simple drip irrigation may be the answer. Simple drip irrigation systems save water when it comes to agronomically-beneficial irrigation methods. Applied to a large variety of crops, it is designed for use in anything from vegetable and field crops to orchards, flowers and ornamental plants. This simple drop irrigation system, developed by Netafim Japan Co., Ltd., allows farmers to easily apply drip irrigation through the use of a lifted water tank and engine water pump.


In effect, this simple drip irrigation system technology irrigates the plant itself rather than the surrounding soil. This can cut down on the amount of water that is used on crops, saving farmers money and saving precious natural resources at the same time. In times of drought in particular, this is a beneficial technology to employ.

Major Features and Advantages

I. Unique dripper technology

Thanks to the unique dripper technology, dripper clogging will no longer be a risk of drip irrigation. This has been a long-time concern of farmers, who realize that clogs happen all too frequently, wasting time and valuable resources. However, thanks to a wider water passage and self-cleaning mechanism, uniform irrigation over the long-term can be achieved. This drip tube, called Microdrip 8, can last up to three years and beyond, with changing necessitated by shifts in water quality and climate conditions.

II. Direct irrigation to the root zone

With simple drip irrigation, farmers apply water and fertilizer directly to the root zone. As a result, the up-take of water and fertilizer is higher than with flood irrigation. In addition, with this method, the root is able to grow actively with proper maintenance of moisture and air within the root zone. Thus, there is vast improvement in crop productivity and yield. More crops equal more income as well as preservation of natural resources.

III. Self-cleaning mechanism

This technology includes a self-cleaning mechanism for convenience and time savings in maintenance.

Netafim Japan Co., Ltd. plans to release this system in a phased manner as it expands its water/fertilizer saving micro irrigation system products.

Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Drip irrigation is a water saving and agronomically beneficial irrigation method. It is applicable for wide range of vegetables and field crops, orchards, flowers and ornamental plants. This system helps small scale growers to adopt drip irrigation easily by using lifted water tank and engine water pump.

Competitive advantage

Dripper clogging is thought to be a risk of drip irrigation. But our unique dripper technology which includes wide water passage and self-cleaning mechanism by turburance generation is overcoming these problems and realizes uniform irrigation for long time. A durable year of the drip tube (Microdrip 8) that is used in this system is at least 4 years in usual condition, but it will be changed by water quality and climate condition.


In drip irrigation, water and fertilizer are applied directly to root zone, So the uptake efficiency of water and fertilizer is higher (70-90%) than other methods (40-60% in flood irrigation). Furthermore, in drip fertigation, as the amount of moisture and air in root zone is maintained properly, root can grow actively and then crop productivity is improved.

Technical maturity

Since the first success of drip irrigation in Israel in the 1960’s, it is wide-spreading in the world as a water saving and agronomically beneficial irrigation method.

Conceivable risk


Information on patent related to this technology

Japan 2753428, China 43394, Taiwan NI-072464
Republic of Korea 258,835, Singapore 51707, India 177653
Israel 103228, USA 5207836 etc…

Company Data

Name Netafim Japan Co., Ltd.
Address No.16 Shiguma Nihonbashi Bldg.
5-10 Nihonbashi Nakasu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0008
Capital JPY 35,000,000
Contact person

Fax:     +81-3-3663-6320
Mr. Fujio Tagawa

Number of employees 16 (excluding 2,200 of overseas office employees and distribution agents)
Date of company foundation 1996.4.9
The type of business Water/Fertilizer saving micro irrigation system
Overseas offices
Tel Aviv , Israel Netafim Ltd. Corporate Headquarters
Melbourne, Australia Netafim Australia Pty Ltd.
Bangkok,Thailand Netafim Thailand Co.Ltd.
Gujarat, India Netafim Irrigation India Pvt Ltd.

Modality of business transaction

In a phased manner

Export of product
In a phased manner






YAMAHA water pump YP20G
Type: Self-priming/Centrifugal
Caliber: 2 in
Maximum Capacity: 160gal/min
Total Head: 98ft
Suction Hean:23ft
Self Primin Time:120sec/16ft


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