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Hydro power, water treatment and agriculture (irrigation and fertilizer): Rural Electric Water Sanitary Station

Hydro power, water treatment and agriculture (irrigation and fertilizer): Rural Electric Water Sanitary Station

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

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Conceivable applications

Our proposed station called "Rural Electric Water Sanitary Station" aims to promote low carbon and energy saving technologies in rural farming areas. Our system consists of 1) renewable energy generator for pumping river/lake water and for electricity charging of cellphone, 2) clean water supply system to supply clean water for local areas, 3) drip irrigation system for water saving and efficient farming, and 4) compost toilet for improving hygiene environment for people in local areas.

Competitive advantage

Our proposed station has the following 3 advantages:

1. Low cost
Comparing to the conventional utility facilities, this proposed station would cost relatively cheaper and would take shorter time when installing to the areas where infrastructure is not improved enough. Because of the technological nature of renewable power, lifecycle cost would be lower and there is no need to purchase coagulant and/or filter to operate water purification.

2. Easy installation and maintenance
We will provide one day training for local residents to study how to install and maintain the station. Our proposed station is designed for simple and easy installation and maintenance.

3. Expandability
Our proposed station can be easily expanded to remote areas.

Technology Data

Technology data


Renewable energy generator can generate 6kW (2,190kWh/year).

Clean water supply system can provide clean water for 800- 1,200 people for 8,000l/day.

Drip irrigation system can cover the farming size from 100 to 2,000sqm.

Compost toilet can improve hygiene environment and compost.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

The development model of clean water supply system has been sold since 2003 and so far 8 units have been installed in 6 different countries in Asia. Since 2010, the current model (YCW-008) has been installed in the following countries: 4 units in Indonesia (1unit is powered by PV), 1 unit in Senegal (powered by PV), and 1 unit in Mauritania (powered by PV). Regarding renewable energy generator, drip irrigation system, and compost toilet, we are continuously aiming to provide suitable equipment to various areas by considering regional conditions and environment.

Conceivable risk

Water scarcity: the quality of water could fluctuate and could accidentally be worsen due to climate circumstances.

Security risk: because solar panel and water pump are expensive items, they could be stolen.

To avoid risks mentioned above, we will train and inform local users and residents to continuously monitor climate circumstances and conduct prevention measure for theft.

Information on patent related to this technology

Our proposed station utilizes Yamaha’s clean water supply system.

Company Data

Company data

Name Representative company:
  Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.(Yamaha)

Supporting Company:
  Japan NUS Co., Ltd (JANUS)

Address Yamaha:
  2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan

  7-5-25 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Capital Yamaha: JPY 85,703 million

JANUS: JPY 50,000,000

Contact person

Tel.:    +81-538-37-1717

Mr. Kazuhiko CHIKAMOTO
Tel.:    +81-45-682-8111

Number of employees Yamaha: 53,382
JANUS: 150
Date of company foundation Yamaha: 1st of July 1955
JANUS: 3rd of June 1971
The type of business Yamaha:
Manufacturing and sales of equipment for ground, maritime and aerial transportation and engines, and environmental equipment.

Technical consulting services specializing in environment, energy, economy and systems.

International operation

Number of employees for international operation(including overseas operation, if any)  
Overseas offices* City , Country Name of company
Europe Yamaha: 20 Group Companies
China Yamaha: 14 Group Companies
Other Asian countries Yamaha: 37 Group Companies
America Yamaha: 24 Group Companies

* Overseas offices of alliance members and/or consortium members are also accepted.

Modality of business transaction

We will firstly conduct an extensive study regarding technology transfer of our clean water supply system and aim to build up the specific technology transfer knowhow. By considering certain conditions, we will provide a distributorship to local sales agencies/companies for local sales. After we make sure a good sales progress, we will then provide a technical assistance to our future partner company, with an agreement, in order to establish manufacturing base in local areas.

Export of product
We will procure necessary equipment for exporting to your country. These equipment include renewable energy generator, drip irrigation system, and compost toilet.


Schematic illustration of the technology

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Registered Category

  • Low carbon & energy conservation : Agriculture, fishing, and forestry / Energy efficiency / Renewable energy
  • Prevention & destruction of pollution : Land water