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Chemical-free Alkaline Water Production Equipment: “CLEVER SYSTEM®”

Chemical-free Alkaline Water Production Equipment: “CLEVER SYSTEM®”

IGADEN Co., Ltd.

Generator of Hypochlorous
Acid Solution and Alkali Solution

IGADEN Co., Ltd. has accumulated knowledge and expertise on electro chemistry and electrolysis. It has developed “CLEVER SYSTEM”: a batch-type generator of highly concentrated alkali solution and hypochlorite solution at the same the same time.                                                                                                                      Fig. 1 The image of “CLEVER SYSTEM”

・Electrolytic concentration type alkaline water generator
It generates 90% alkaline water (pH: 12) and 10% hypochlorite water by electrolysis of tap water. This unit can also produce water with the exact opposite properties (pH: 2). The alkaline water is used for cleaning and sterilization, and the hypochlorite water is used for sterilization.

・Hypochlorite water dedicated generation unit
Sanitize wastewater, swimming pool water, and tap water as well as food and utensils.

                                                             Fig. 2 Scheme of CLEBER SYSTEM

Major Features and Advantages

・Electrolytic concentration type alkaline water generator
・Effective for sterilization of bacteria, E. coli, and virus removal
・Equipped with newly developed electrodes that do not wear out, energy-saving device
・There will be no secondary chemical harm as only electrolyte NaCl is used.
・Perform electrolytic concentration from pH 7 to pH 12 without alkaline additives.
・Silica components contained in the water are also removed as electrolytes.
・Hypochlorite water dedicated generation unit
・No trihalomethane generation compared to chemical treatment.
・Longer staying time of hypochlorous acid in the liquid, and long-lasting sterilization effect.

Technology Data

Technology data

Possible applications

    ・Alkaline water
    Conventional detergents contain persistently degradable COD, such as polymeric agents, and consume a large amount of rinse water to remove detergent, causing environmental pollution. Compared to this, electrolytic concentrated alkaline washing water is free of chemical contamination and saves a significant amount of rinsing water. While washing, the alkline dissolve proteins of the bacteria, such as E. coli, effectively sterilizing the water. It is also possible to remove coronaviruses. It contributes to health and sanitation in developing countries by sterilizing the washing water.

    ・Hypochlorite water (acidic water)
    Chlorine is generally used to sanitize tap water, etc. Its concentrated form is used to clean fishes and vegetables. However, there are concerns that the chemical may cause health problems due to its trihalomethane (carcinogen) content. Hypochlorous acid water (acidic water) produced by electrolysis, an electrochemical reaction, does not produce trihalomethanes. By diluting concentrated acidic water and using it as sterilizing water, it enables the use of acidic hypochlorite water for a wide range of sterilization. This contributes to the improvement of health and hygiene conditions in developing countries.

    Competitive advantage

    1. Electrical controls enable monitoring and automatic operation.
    2. Easy to utilize renewable energy such as solar panels with power-saving design.
    3. As long as there is a water generator, the running cost is inexpensive. The price per unit is 0.6 JPY/litter of produced water. It also needs electricity, water, and NaCl to operate.
    4. Since alkaline water is chemical-free, it is harmless even if it is in contact with human skin.
    5. Because it is chemical-free, it does not require a license for chemical handling or hazardous materials handling.
    6. Alkaline water can be shipped overseas by a flight with only submitting a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

    Carbon neutrality is achieved through efficient power saving due to the small potential range that causes oxidation effects by the electrodes.


      【Specification of the generator】
      Alkaline water: pH=12, 450 litre/batch
      Hypochlorite water: pH=2, 50 litre/batch
      Generation time: 6 hours
      Power consumption: 1 kw/h
      Product weight: 300 kg (dry weight), W 1650 x D 1200 x H 1665 mm

      【Bactericidal effect】
      Alkaline water

      Bacterial Type Feed Water 10 times diluted  100 times diluted
      E. coli
      Staphylococcus aureus ×

      ○: Bacterial counts generally reduced to 1/10 or less compared to the colorless area.
      △: In some cases, the number of bacteria was reduced to less than 1/10 of that in the colorless area, and in other cases, it was not.
      ×: In few cases, the number of bacteria was reduced to 1/10 or less compared to the colorless area.

      Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

      ・Japan domestic
      6 units were installed to a ham manufacturing factory.
      Applications: mainly for periodic cleaning of the production line equipment and fumigation generators.

      No record yet.

      Information on patent related to this technology

      Patent No. JPB5121013

      Company Data

      Company data

      Name IGADEN Co., Ltd.
      Address 78-4 Shinoyama, Joso-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
      Capital 10 million JPY (as of April 1, 2022)
      Contact person

      Mr. Satoru IGARASHI
      Tel.(Direct): +81-297-42-6372

      Number of employees 5 people (as of April 1, 2022)
      Date of company foundation July 1, 1989
      Type of business Manufacture of machinery and equipment
      Design, manufacture, and sale of water treatment and water quality improvement units.

      International operation

      Number of employees for international operation 
      Overseas offices

      City, Country Name of Company (if applicable)
      N//A N/A

      Modality of business transaction

      Direct Investment
      Withdrew Igaden Singapore Pte Ltd, a designer and manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments, and later changed the business to water treatment equipment sales. All overseas sales activities have been outsourced to trading companies that are specialized in related products. Currently, the company is focusing on technology development in Japan and only travels overseas for the purpose of technical research. 

      With the cooperation from trading companies with whom we have concluded confidentiality and sales agency agreements in Japan, we have conducted overseas exhibitions in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries. In addition to PR activities, the company uses its own website, YouTube, CEO Net Conference, etc., to reach out overseas. To respond to inquiries, local agents visit customers in a timely manner, conduct demonstration tests, and carry out on-site meetings. Technical support is provided by using SNS and other ICT applications such as LINE and Zoom. Since maintenance of the product is easy, it is outsourced to a local firm.


      Schematic illustration of the technology

      Contact Person(s)

      Mr. Satoru IGARASHIE-mail:

      *Please mention that you saw UNIDO's website when making the first contact with the company.

      Registered Category

      • Human Health Technologies : Public health