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Japan Study Tour for Lebanon Project (UNIDO HQs project)

Japan Study Tour for Lebanon Project (UNIDO HQs project)

The Government of Lebanon and private companies from Lebanon visited Japan from Oct 22 to 28, 2017.  They visited companies and organizations related to wood-processing technologies and tools in Aichi and Gifu prefectures.

Lebanon is currently hosting more than 1 million Syrian refugees, meaning one in four of the population is a refugee. UNIDO HQs commenced the project “Supporting the furniture sector in Northern Lebanon through upgrading and skills training” for the Lebanese community and Syrian refugees in 2016. It was funded by the Government of Japan. The project supports enterprises through providing equipment necessary to enhance their competence. As one component of the project, the Zgharta Vocational Training Center was established on 29 May, 2017. 
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On this occasion, 8 participants from Lebanon and 1 expert from UNIDO HQs visited Japan to learn Japanese wood-processing technologies and the industry. Throughout the study tour, participants had opportunities to get familiar with woodworking technologies and craftsmanship in the Hida region. Further, they learned the curriculum and operation system of a woodworking school and improved their knowledge about electric machines and tools for woodworking.              

【Schedule of Study Tour】



October 23

・Kashiwa Mokko CO.,LTD., factory and showroom
・Museum Hida

October 24

Gifu Prefecture School of Woodcraft
・Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd., factory and showroom

October 25

・Makita Corporation, factory, showroom and end user

October 27, 28

・Japan Woodworking Machinery Fair 2017

    (KASHIWA MOKKO, Factory)                                           (Museum Hida)

(Hida Sangyo, factory and showroom)                 (Gifu Prefecture School of Woodcraft)

  (Makita Corporation, showroom)                      (Japan Woodworking Machinery Fair 2017)