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In this section you can find outcome on the activities of UNIDO ITPO Tokyo.

Delegate Program

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo invites investment and/or technology promotion delegates for a short-term stay in Tokyo.

Technology Transfer

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo promotes selected sound, productive and environmentally friendly technologies and know-how of Japanese companies seeking partners overseas. UNIDO ITPO Tokyo is collecting information of technology energy and environment of Japanese companies, uploading on the website in English as “Environment Technology Database” for developing and emerging countries.

Seminars & Events

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo organizes or supports various regional, country specific and/or thematic forums, seminars and workshops every year, usually in cooperation with other stakeholders in Japan.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is an activity which develop organizational ability of developing and emerging countries to promote industrial development.

Activities Overseas

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo supports activity overseas of Japanese enterprises. It is quite helpful especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who does not have organizational network abroad.