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Be a Climate Shaper - Future Food Institute's Summer School in Japan

Be a Climate Shaper - Future Food Institute's Summer School in Japan


Today UNIDO ITPO Tokyo hosted Future Food Institute with Sara Roversi – the founder and CEO and Claudia Laricchia, Institutional Relations.

Future Food Institute is a center of excellence for food intelligence and a training platform for changemakers, climate shapers and future leaders in the food innovation ecosystem. Future Food Institute is visiting Tokyo for Future Food for Climate Change Initiative – #FF4CC – implemented with FAO.


The Initiative – focused on food, innovation and climate – consists of 2 main activities: education and community. The Initiative aims to educate and engage Climate Shapers: a global movement tackling the climate crisis through food systems regeneration in Cities, Farms and Oceans.

The education pillar of the Initiative consists in #FF4CC Summer Schools aimed to identify, train and engage “Climate Shapers”, bringing together change-makers from around the world to co-design tangible strategies and innovations accelerating action on climate and SDGs, facilitating the transition of the broader society toward the sustainable development framework.


UNIDO ITPO Tokyo hosted the meeting, which served as kick off of the Future Food Institute’s Summer School, which will be held from August 1st to 9th. Mr. Ferda GELEGEN, Deputy Head, presented general activities of UNIDO.



The event also included a presentation by Dr. Mori from Mebiol Co. Ltd’s Film Farming technology, which was chosen as a winner of UNIDO ITPO Italy’s International Award, and which is one of the Agribusiness technologies listed in UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP).


Be a Climate Shaper: Summer School