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An article by the Mainichi Shimbun about UNIDO "IoT for Geothermal in Africa"

An article by the Mainichi Shimbun about UNIDO "IoT for Geothermal in Africa"


An article was issued by The Mainichi Shimbun:
The original text only available in Japanese.
The following translation text is produced by UNIDO ITPO Tokyo. 


Support for East Africa
Efficiency with IoT in the area of Geothermal – Japan with its Advanced Technology

Mainichi Shimbun, November 23, 2016 08:00
By Koji Miki in Vienna

The Japanese Government will collaborate with UNIDO (based in Vienna) in connecting geothermal facilities via the internet in East African countries with IoT, in an effort to enhance efficiency. As a first endeavor in the world, Japan will implement its advanced technology in the region where geothermal potential is high, in competition with China whose influence and presence in the region is increasing.

Japan pledged USD 10bill. to Africa within the next 3 years to “build high-quality infrastructure”, at TICAD VI held in August. The pledge included a statement to enhance geothermal projects through the implementation of Japanese technology. The project marks the first step after the intention was expressed.

Despite geothermal resources amounting to 13,000 megawatt in Kenya and other East African nations, actual development is stalled at 632 megawatt or approx. 4.9%.

According to the source, Japan and UNIDO will implement IoT by connecting all geothermal equipment to the internet. Temperatures and vibration will be recorded with a censor attached to turbines and other equipment and based on the information on the rate of operation, AI will make an analysis to allow higher production efficiency. IoT allows management of facilities from remote locations; an advantage which allows avoiding the risk of sending human resources to areas exposed to disease and disasters.

Japanese manufacturers hold 70% of the world share in the area of geothermal turbines. The demonstration enhanced efficiency with the IoT will increase the investment in geothermal in East African nations, which will result in an expansion of the market for turbines.

The government has signed an agreement on November 22nd with UNIDO. JPY 1.5bill. will be contributed from the supplementary budget.

Word of the Day: IoT
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Unofficial Translation: By Naoko Tochibayashi/UNIDO ITPO Tokyo