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[Entry by 7th Nov.] UNIDO Green Technology Forum

[Entry by 7th Nov.] UNIDO Green Technology Forum


Private Public Partnerships in Promoting Green Technologies


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The Forum aims to highlight the role that private public partnerships can play in promoting green technologies for industrial development, in particular focusing on UNIDO’s services and Japanese companies’ expectations in this area.


Title:                  UNIDO Green Technology Forum
                     (as a part of Green Innovation Expo 2014)
     November 12 (Wed.) 2014,  13:00 – 16:00
Venue:           TOKYO BIG SIGHT Conference Bldg. Reception Hall B
Organized by: UNIDO
Cooperated by: JMA
Language:      Simultaneously interpreted in Japanese/English
Entrance Fee: N/A

Registration:   Please register by November 7 (Fri.)
                      in Japanese via
                           in English; please contact UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
                      (registrations are required both for GIE and the forum)    
Inquiry to:
      UNIDO ITPO Tokyo (Gelegen/Shigematsu)
                     Tel. 03-5275-3321/E-mail


*12:30-13:00  Registration

<Opening Session>
13:00-13:10  Opening Remarks
        -Mr. Takeshi Furutani, Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
        -Mr. Tadashi Yoshida, Vice President, JMA
13:10-13:30  Keynote Speech
        -Prof. Kazuhiko Hombu, Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo
13:30-13:50  Keynote Speech
        -Mr. Wilson Songa, Principal Secretary, 
         Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Kenya

<Technical Sessions>
13:55-14:55  “Waste Management” & QA
        -Moderated by Mr. Ferda Gelegen, Deputy Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
          Mr. Yutaka Ichihashi, Executive Director, Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd.
          Mr. Motoyuki Okada, President, Finetech Co., Ltd
          Mr. Kenji Okuma, Consultant, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo
15:00-16:00  “Low Carbon” & QA
        -Moderated by Mr. Hideki Murakami, Deputy Head, UNIDO ITPO Tokyo                           
         Mr. Masanori Kobayashi, Director of JCM/BOCM Group, 
                                          Kyoto Mechanisms Promotion Department, NEDO
         Mr. Yuji Unno, President, Seabell International Co., Ltd.
         Ms. Hiromi Sugiura, Senior Programme Management Expert, PTC/ECC/OD, UNIDO

16:00  End